Dear Diary....

Thinking Out Loud

Another beginning….but still a potpourri

I resorted to writing at an early age; I had those lock-and-key diaries up until a few years ago, but I stopped maintaining one after all I could get were the Disney ones in the market. I have always found it easier to write and express in words, something my father and I have inherited from our late grand-father, I believe.

Everything in this blog is purely an expression of my feelings and opinions, simply a substitute to my diary who I truly miss. I don’t write every day or share secrets like I did with my diary, but this is my effort to find solace and happiness with myself, a record of my happy and sad days again, my attempt to continue to explore the person I am, be expressive, and to be with my friend, my Diary, once again. While travel is what I like to share about most, I tend to write about a lot of things in general- the potpourri I am 🙂

With this blog, I think I have found a way to continue writing and sharing what I feel, with myself than anyone else. As I continue to type down my thoughts here, I am hoping it will be exciting to see how I grow….if this lasts till the end!



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